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SwingAI produces a Personal Learning Roadmap, Swing Index Rating and Lesson plan to correct your primary swing fault.

Key Features

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About our Swing AI teaching Pros

Meet some of the world-class teaching pros who personally review your swing.
The best in the world are on the Swing AI platform.


Here's what it costs to identify your primary fault and guarantee game improvement.
A world class teaching pro personally reviews, scores and annotates your golf swing.
A world class teaching pro calculates your Swing Index, a living metric that measures how good your golf swing is rated against your potential.
A world class teaching pro identifies your primary swing fault − responsible for most golfers reaching only 40% of their potential.
Your pro creates a personalized roadmap of instruction based on your unique swing faults to improve how you hit the ball.
Your first personalized lesson is delivered with your pro’s annotations and drills.
Your best swings are stored in your personal Swing Locker.
All remaining personalized two-way interactive lessons are activated on your roadmap of instruction created by your world-class teaching pro.
Return Swing feature is active for each lesson − send back in your improved swings for your pro to review.
Your world-class pro scores, grades and comments on each return swing you send in.
Your pro relates each lesson to correcting your primary swing fault and explains how each secondary fault relates to your primary fault.
Your pro increases your Swing Index score with each lesson you pass.
Your pro is with you every step of the way to game improvement.

The Buzz

About SwingAI

SwingAI is a patented machine learning technology designed to address players’ frustration with their inability to improve their game.

SwingAI was built by leading data scientists in the human skill reverse engineering field along with a team the world’s top golf swing coaches to study player mis-hits such as Slices, Hooks, Chunks, and Thins etc. The results, published in the June 19 issue of Golf Magazine uncovered that every player has a Primary Swing Fault that prevents their sustainable game improvement. If the Primary Swing Fault not identified, the player develops further faults. But when player understands their Primary Swing Fault and is shown the correct steps to fix it, the performance of the player dramatically improves.

The research was converted into a mobile app called The Swing Index, where players can send in their swing from their mobile device where an Artificial Intelligence engine combined with a world class teaching pro identifies your Primary Swing Fault and produces a personalized step by step roadmap to unleash your potential as a golfer.

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